The Master’s Sun | Ep 14&15 | Thoughts

Things slowly are coming to an end but not without plot twists and emotional ups and downs. I read that we only have one more episode left and it makes sense having watched the progression of episode 15, but my confession is “I’m not ready yet, I’m not ready to let go!”.

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Ep 14 is the constant battle of Joong Won to try to regain his memory and the constant battle of Gong Sil to try and stay away from him and continue her life. She also starts fulfilling her contract with the ghost-matchmaker. A mysterious guy from Gong Sil’s past reappears and he can also see ghosts and the end of the episode leaves us with a Joong Won having remembered everything. Ep 15 is an episode with a lot of revelations about Hee Joo. Gong Sil is still afraid of dragging Joong Won into her world even when he confessed again his feelings and that he wants her close to him. She meets with the mysterious guy and he makes a proposal to follow him to visit some places in order for her to remember him.

First I want to talk about Joong Won’s battle in remembering everything. As in episode 13, in episode 14 too, it is lovely to see how his body and his heart still remembers even though the mind can’t understand. The times he went to her old room and the constant thoughts of giving another chance to himself to try to find out what happened just show how deep his feelings were. Because some things no matter what you do,you can’t forget them. When you have changed as a person, even if you try to go back to the old you, well it’s not an easy thing to do. And in the end I liked so much that he remembered by himself. Yes there were clues but the final battle and victory came from his heart.


Now about Gong Sil. I understand her feelings even though I would want things to be easier for her. She said, in episode 15 I think, that maybe she is a person that belongs in the ghosts, that she belongs to that world. It’s so sad to hear someone saying that they are willing to choose to be sad and lonely and unhappy, because that’s what I understand from her words. She found happiness in the “real” world, with Joong Won, but not only because of him. He was the reason for her to be reminded that no matter what happened you can still go outside of your house, to meet people, to live. It is very hard watching Gong Sil in these later episodes. You can see the sadness in her face and she looks even sadder and worn out than the way she was at the beginning.


About the Hee Joo’s mystery, we did have a twist on the story after all and I am glad that this ghost found its closure. Hee Joo wanted a different life and she went all the way to the other side to gain what she wanted. This whole story I found that it’s not only for Joong Won to find closure by learning what happened back then, but also it is a way to make him understand a little bit more about how Gong Sil must be feeling. When Hee Joo told him that Hana died because of him, that is a ringing bell in his ears. Gong Sil also thinks that it is her fault that he got hurt, that dragging him in her world would only put him in bigger danger. He will be able now to understand why she is behaving the way she is, but of course I want him to make her realise that in the very end it’s not her fault,as it wasn’t his fault back then, that people got hurt.


Lastly I wanna talk a little bit about that new mysterious man that popped up. He is someone that Gong Sil met when her spirit was wandering around for three years after her accident. What happened in that accident? How did she woke up? Why can’t she remember? But the ultimate question is what world would she choose to live in. If she chooses that mystery guy that can also see ghosts, meaning someone who understands what she’s going through, meaning that she will choose being comfortable above all would she actually be happy? Because no matter how comfortable that would be lets not forget that she loves someone else. Again the question is comfort or love? I know that it is one of the hardest decisions someone has to make. It is so very easy to choose what you already know than choose the scary unknown.

For me though the question ‘comfort or love’ hides something else, something bigger behind it. The ultimate decision is ghost world or real world. Darkness or light. Sadness or happiness. Yes the last decision is if she chooses to be happy. And happy she will only be if she tries to live among the living. And Joong Won is not all her happiness, he is only a part of her happiness. She needs to start living again, finding a job, making friends, learning new things, having a normal relationship. It’s the little things that make a life worth living and I desperately want her not to be swallowed by melancholy.

I’m mentally preparing myself for next week’s last episode and I’ll say it again- no matter what I want them to be ok in the end. Find closure and be ok.



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4 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun | Ep 14&15 | Thoughts

    1. Hopefully yes..They should realise that they just need to be together and all.. And I want at least 10 minutes with only them being adorable with each other and having a real, grand kiss! 🙂


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