Three Favourite Strong Female Characters

This is my 50th post on this blog and I was thinking I wanted to write about something a bit more special. I thought quite a bit about it and this post is what I came up with. Strong female characters. Ohh we all love those but they’re not the most common thing in dramaland. It’s not all female characters that start strong and keep it like that. For most of them it takes quite some time to stand up for themselves and take action. I admire those too but this post is not for them. Having such characters and especially such female characters in dramas and movies sets a great example for girls, but for guys too, out there. So yeah I don’t know, I thought that it would be a good post for my 50th post. Well at least it did make sense in my head!

Jang Hye Sung | I Hear Your Voice 


She is everything that would make a woman unattractive. She is ironic, doesn’t pay attention to others, bored and a bit snooty as well. But she is also much more than that. Things that in the end make her so much more attractive than so many other female characters. She is bold and sassy. She is not afraid to speak up and say what she truly believes. What I liked most about her was that she wasn’t afraid to say the ugly truth. Because noone really wants to hear that you chose your job because it only pays for your bills. Because noone wants to hear that you put a murderer in prison because of a bet with your classmate. And because noone wants to hear that you are just a kid.  She slowly changed to this caring yet fierce woman, a woman full of passion for her work and a woman who wasn’t afraid to admit her feelings towards the, younger than her, man she loved. A great character in a great drama.

Truth doesn’t establish the winner, the winner establishes the truth.

Lee Jin Sook | Cruel City 


She is one badass lady. She has been through a lot. She has a lot of ugly days in her back so she is definitely someone who knows how to take care of herself. She is someone who had to take care of herself since the early days. She has made a name of herself and she is trying to make it in a man’s world. A world that doesn’t respect her as it respects the men. And she is not this cold person that most people believe she is. She has a heart. She has a soft spot for people who remind her of the past, for pure people. Like Soo Min and Shi Hyun. What I liked most about her character was, apart form the fact that she could stand up for herself in front of men, that she was a forgiving person in the end. A forgiving and a deeply caring person no matter the lies and the betrayals. She was able to be the bigger person and understand the person she so much cared for.  And someone who can forgive, really forgive is the definition of a strong character for me.

Justice? Evil? Don’t talk such nonsense. I’m busy just trying to survive.

Jung In Jae | School 2013


She is probably one of my favourite female leads ever. She is the teacher I was dreaming I would have back in school. She is someone who deeply understands her role. Because teachers are not just teachers. Teachers don’t just teach, they have the chance to shape young people’s personalities. They could be the ones who will guide young people to find their right paths. And she was that. And it takes a hell of a lot of courage to do so in today’s educational system. To try to be that person who would not only teach you about historical facts, about the proper use of language, about mathematical equations but instead to try to make you realise the importance of the past, to show you what beautiful and meaningful poems words can create, to show you how some numbers can make an airplane move. Because she was all of these and because she saw her students not only as students but as humans who were on the most emotional time of their lives I consider her on of the strongest female characters I have encountered in dramaland.

Whether it’s realised or not make sure you have a dream for yourself.

(feature picture is originally from this lovely tumblr blog whitepaperquotes)


4 thoughts on “Three Favourite Strong Female Characters

    1. They are all great! And I would highly recommend when you have time and you feel like watching something darker to check out Cruel City. It has some of the best characters I have encountered.. 🙂


      1. I have heard positive reviews about Cruel City but as I’m mostly used to light hearted shows if we talk about Kdramas, the darker theme is preventing me to check it out….


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