Who Are You | Ep 15&16 | Final Thoughts

And then we came to the end. Who are You wrapped up last week and despite all I will always remember it because it was the first drama that I’ve completed writing about its episodes in my blog.

The last two episodes I found them to be fillers more or less. Or maybe the last one. What happened? Well what we always knew that would happen. Director Moon was arrested, Hyun Joon died leaving Shi On with some last encouraging words, Shi On and Gun Woo decide to be together but to take things slowly, and life just moves on.

I really don’t have much to say. The scene with Hyun Joon’s death was really strong though. It made an impact. That was due to Kim Jae Wook’s amazing acting skills as well as So Yi Hyun’s good portrayal of someone who is loosing someone that love and the message it gave. Hyun Joon has to move on and his role was a chance for us to see what the person who leaves wants for us to do. And it’s only a pretty simple thing- to be happy and live our lives without always looking back. Simple yet difficult. Difficult but the only choice we have.


And life moves on. It’s the only thing that can happen. And we have to be strong and move on too. And that’s the message of episode 16, I think. Even as a filler episode it did played its role nicely. It shows us what happens next. People continue going to work, meet friends, fall in and out of love. Normal everyday things. So I appreciated it because not a lot of dramas show us what happens next.


Overall it was an an enjoyable drama, quite predictable though in the mystery aspect, but with a positive message to give. I do think that Kim Jae Wook’s performance and role were the strongest points of the drama but nevertheless I wasn’t too disappointed by everything else.

Rating  3,5/5



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