Looking Forward To Romance | Drama Special Review

Last year I read a book called Paper Towns by John Green. It is a lovely book and its main theme for me is how much do you really know someone. There is the thing, you think you know someone but in reality what you think might be completely wrong. Why? Because sometimes you believe what you want to believe, and in your head you build this perfect picture for that person when in reality you don’t really know them, you haven’t “lived” them. There are two quotations from the book that I want to point out:

What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person.

People are different when you can smell them and see them up close […] It’s easy to like someone from a distant.

Also before I continue and finally start talking about the drama I want to point out another quotation this time from the famous Harry Potter books:

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.

And now you are probably wondering why I’m writing all these. Well my dear friends I write them because this is what I kept after watching this drama. The main theme is that sometimes you forget about the person that you have right by your side and you go out and dream of people who you haven’t met, who are not a part of your reality.

The story revolves around Yeon Ae, played by BoA, who was hurt by love in the past and now is seeking online dating advice. Ki Dae, played by Daniel Choi, is the one giving her the advice.


Yeon Ae founds someone, following Ki Dae’s advice, but she is more interested in talking with Ki Dae on the phone than actually spending time with her boyfriend. She is trying to control herself not to do the same mistakes and ends up not being honest with her boyfriend. She chooses instead an easier road-to talk to someone who is not really in her life instead of dealing with the real-living situation that is her boyfriend. And inevitably she forms this idea that Ki Dae is the one that she’s looking for, that he is the good one. But truth is that she doesn’t really really know him. She knows a part of him. You only start knowing someone when you spend time with them, and when spending this time together you are there. Body and soul and mind. If not then you can’t tell that he is better.


Other things happen too, we follow Ki Dae’s story who is doing everything that he is supposed to do for his girlfriend. But he also falls into the trap of not showing his true self and instead trying to be who the other person wants him to be. He thinks that if he does all the right moves, things will follow their way and he can go on living without the fear of getting hurt again. But of course this is not living and life has other plans for him too.

I don’t want to say more because after all it is only two episodes. Overall it was quite enjoyable watching this drama special, I would recommend it if you want an easy way to spend your time and you are in the mood for something light and romantic but with a positive message as well..

Rating 3,5/5


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