You Are More Than Beautiful | Short Film Review

Maybe in the future I will stop writing about Gong Hyo Jin. Maybe I will. Continuing with my obsession though I found this short film that Gong Hyo Jin is in.  It is only half an hour long and was originally a part of a project called Beautiful 2012 which was created for a chines site called Youku.

It tells the story of a man (Park Hee Soo) who hires an actress (Gong Hyo Jin) to bring her to his father, who is dying, as his wife-to-be. It was his father last wish to see him getting married.

She is bright, talkative and is moved from other people’s situations. He is wounded by his father and his past and seems cold and distant.


It is really a very simple movie, which had the potential to become a full length one. But it serves its purpose I think. It shows how much someone can hold inside them, and when the ending is coming closer something meaningless can break them and start saying everything that they should have said earlier. Earlier when the person who is standing opposite them is there and can listen to them, and together they could do something to solve all the problems they might have.

On the other hand it does show how a stranger can be the reason for a sudden change in your attitude. How something small like telling you what your father would want you to do, or singing a song for him can make you see your situation with a different eye.


I like people like her who get touched by other people’s situations, and act without in the end expecting something in return. These are the beautiful people, the people with warm hearts.And they don’t really know how beautiful they actually are. And I understand people like him who hold everything inside them. I do it too even when I know that it is not a healthy attitude to have.

One last thing that I noticed from the beginning of the movie until the very end was the colours. Yes the colours. They use these cold colours in the scenes until his outburst. After that we see warmer colours that for me represent that weight that was lifted off his chest. The colours were breathtaking really.

Overall I really encourage everyone to watch it for what it is. A fragment of someone’s life, but a fragment that you’ll find so familiar.


(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


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