The Master’s Sun | Ep 13 | Thoughts

He is alive everyone!! Ok now that we got that out of the way lets move on, shall we?

So Joong Won is alive, his heart though stopped while on surgery hence his ghost appeared. But Gong Sil was the one that helped him stay alive through a deal with that shaman from a previous episode. She has to provide her, her ghost seeing ability and also Joong Won would forget everything about her. Joong won can now read again but he feels that something important is missing. Gong Sil is heartbroken but tries to hold everything together. Joong Won’s aunt tries to hide Kong SIl’s existence from him and favors that creepy twin sister. She is creepy creepy creepy. Hee Joo asks to borrow Gong Sil’s body to help Joong Won. The little kids act as a helping hand and Joong Won is in Kong Sil’s house asking her “On a stormy night—in that book, that’s the secret code so that those two recognize each other. You know me, don’t you? Who are you? ” (translation credit Dramabeans).

Everything comes with a cost right? If you want something you have to give something back. It’s the only way the deal can be sealed. Although the price that was paid was too high. Not only Gong Sil has to be a “slave” and never get away from the ghosts but Joong Won will forget her and everything about her. The man she loves and loves her back would not recognise her. Isn’t it too much? Gong Hyo Jin did an amazing job portraying someone who has lost one of the most important things in her life, someone who feels helpless, someone who was forced to end things so suddenly.


Gong Sil was forced to face the fact that maybe her standing next to him is not for the better. She loves him too much to even think the possibility to stay by his side and put him in danger. Although that might change in the next episodes. I really hope it does.

I liked the way they showed how Joong Won was saved. Something must die and if that is not Joong Won himself his memories must serve the cause. Death has to take something, it can never leave you unharmed. Nobody’s left unharmed by death, be it the one who moves on or the one who’s left behind.

Now the amnesia. Why deep down I thought that, that was coming? I don’t love it but I don’t hate it at the same time. I find it that it does goes along with the story and it definitely is much more believable in these kind of stories with all the paranormal activity going on and not in the “real word stories”.


Lastly about our couple I loved the way Joong Won’s body still remembers. There are some things that happen in your life that no matter what they can never be erased.  Hence the last scene. Be it the kids who helped him remember, be it his intuition he still went to find her. He wants to remember. She made him a better person, helped him heal his wounds, all that cannot disappear so easily.

Apart from these two that twin sister is creepy as hell. I’m quite interested to see what exactly happened back then, what exactly does she wants now. Because honestly I’m confused. Also can I just say HOW GLAD I was that secretary Kim is not a bad guy? I just love him so so much!

Overall great episode, which was hardly enough to satisfy my needs, and I can’t wait to see what the new episodes will bring..



(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


2 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun | Ep 13 | Thoughts

  1. I loved that about Joong Won too, that his body lead him to her in the first place and his body will lead him back! As for the amnesia, it’s not my favourite thing in the world but at least it’s not random. I just hope it gets wrapped up fast and painless because I don’t think I can take much more of Gong Shil suffering!


    1. Yes yes I liked it that he somehow remembers.. it’s so sweet. And also is too hard to watch Gong Shil so sad and helpless. I said it before and I’m saying it again- I just want them to be ok in the end.. 🙂 Only four episodes left..!


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