Up-Coming Dramas | October 2013

October is coming fast and a new bunch of dramas are ready to air. Continuing with my “policy” to watch both currently airing dramas and finished ones I started doing my research to see what dramas I will start next.

Once again I found myself kind of falling out of dramas that I’m currently watching, ones that are quite good (see Two Weeks, Empire of Gold). I guess I’m in my romance-comedy-not-so-much-action kind of phase. I’m terrible I know. But I’ve decided not so long ago not to feel guilty and to just go with the flow.

Onto the new dramas. Three is the lucky number this time around.


That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is involved somehow in the dramaworld. It’s the drama that has created more fuss than it probably should. And I’m not implying that it’s not gonna be as good as everyone says it will. I’m only saying that when creating so high expectations about something it’s bound to get disappointed somehow. Because almost nothing is better that what you have created in your imagination. That’s why I have tried to not spoil myself with reading every character’s description, with reading leaked episode summaries and whatever big is surfing the internet right now.


Why I’m excited? 

Well now, we do have to admit it’s not so much because of the main story line. Handsome rich high school boy falls in love with cute poor high school girl. But even if this is the main plot that doesn’t mean that it cannot get really really interesting and worth-watching. I like dramas that they are set in school, I admit that I like the overly used plot of rich guy-poor girl, I like Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho, in general I like.

Note for the reader: I have not watched Boys Over Flowers (don’t shoot!!) so I have saved myself for any comparisons that may arise.

Unemployment Romance 

A cute romantic comedy it seems that will satisfy my need for romance? Maybe my friends, maybe. It’s only a 10 episode long drama with one episode every week. I hope I don’t get too addicted and cannot be satisfied with only that one episode.


Why I’m excited?

Well the plot sounds funny. A girl who wants to be a writer but lives of unemployment checks and a guy who works at the department of unemployment benefits used to be in a relationship, meet again and now he blames her for the disappointed turn his life has taken. It sounds funny enough for me. I expect cuteness, and fun, and generally good vibes.

Note for the reader: Nam Goong Min who plays the guy was the main reason for my second-male-syndrome back in the days of Can You Hear My Heart. And now he is gonna get the girl. Hoo-hoo!

Reply 1994

This is the “sequel-prequel” of the popular and totally worth the hype and praise Reply 1997. The stories are not related but it comes from the same people who did Reply 1997 so I have a good feeling about this.


Why I’m excited?

If there is something that I love is dramas which are set in college. I can connect with characters that are going through the same things as me. Also learning more about the culture of Korea and especially how things were in past years is always exciting. Lastly it’s the 90s. Who doesn’t love the 90’s? Even if you don’t know the 90’s, even if you have only vague memories about them you still like them right?

Note for the reader:  When first heard about this drama I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it. Now I think I know better. At least I hope so!

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6 thoughts on “Up-Coming Dramas | October 2013

  1. All the shows look interesting…..but I’ll be watching Heirs and Answer Me 1994 for now….due to the limited time I have to spend on dramas 😉
    But as UR has only an episode a week, maybe I’ll get to watch it….
    Heirs is all about the stars for now….and I’m keeping my expectations on average level….even if the show sucks, I know I’ll be watching it till the end….because it’s not often that we get to see the OTP formed out of our two most favorite actors 😀


    1. Ohh I’ll be sticking until the end with Heirs too.. I really like Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho , I haven’t being disappointed by them so far..And I understand you It’s that thing again- too many dramas too little time.. Real life just getting in our way.. 🙂


  2. Haha I never finished BoF so you’re not alone! Did you drop it like me, or just never got round to watching it?

    I’m looking forward to Reply 1994 and Unemployment Romance too. I’ll see how Heirs goes by reading recaps etc before diving in. Too many other dramas I’d like to watch coming up!


    1. Never got around watching it actually! I know that tons of people discovered k-dramas through BoF but not me. I have watched the original japanese version though which was quite enjoyable but I don’t know I don’t think I’m gonna enjoy it so I’m not starting it. Do you have any more suggestions about up-coming dramas? MAybe I’ll keep them in my plan-to-watch list.. 🙂


      1. Yeah I was thinking I might try the other versions of BoF…someday.

        I’ll be checking out Basketball, the other ghost one on OCN (sorry can’t remember the full title) with Oh Ji Ho, and Suspicious Housekeepeer. So, it’s a lot! Will see which one sticks.


        1. Ohh I see, I have heard about those too but I don’t know they didn’t caught my attention enough to say that I’ll watch them. But I was thinking maybe in the future I’ll watch the one with Oh Ji Ho but not right now, I need to take a break from ghost-dramas..Haha.. 🙂


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