The Master’s Sun | Ep 11&12 | Thoughts

Truth is that yesterday when finished watching episode 12 my mind couldn’t comprehend what I had just watched. I was kind of in a shock and I deeply realised once again how much I care for these two characters. But I just need to keep myself together otherwise this post would make no sense whatsoever.

Episode 11 found us with Joong Won having confessed his feelings and letting now Kong Sil to deal with her feelings towards him. Kong Sil is torn because on one hand she likes him but on the other she is not sure what to take from his confession because she is not completely sure if he is sincere. Episode 12 is a roller coaster with Kong Sil persuading Joong Won to face his fears, so he accepts the information form his father about Hee Joo and the possibility that there is more to this story. He also takes a step forward trying to face his reading problems and he kind of succeeds which leads to bigger things. He saves Kong Sil, who is out trying to solve a ghost mystery, but he gets injured. And then he he he dies?

I really liked the progression of episode 11 with Joong Won facing his feelings, confessing and having Kong Sil to deal with this. I find Jo Si Sub’s performance really mesmerising- the way his expressions changed, the way he now looks at Kong Sil, all these different emotions that came with him now relaxing after getting it all out of his chest was a pleasure to watch.


Kong Sil’s reaction is understandable. She is not sure what to make out of it, “Is he sincere? What will happen after Hee Joo’s issue resolves? Will he still like me?”. These I imagine she is thinking about. It would be really nice if they would stop thinking for a moment and just live in the moment and whatever is to happen will happen.

Now on to episode 12. Well. Still even now that I’m trying to write down my thoughts, I still find it difficult. I’m just gonna talk about the ending of the episode because it is what matters the most. So is Joong Won actually dead? I think, I think it is safe to say that he probably is not. But the possibility of him not being alive is still there, screaming to get our attention.

If he is not alive where does that leave us? I do believe that we could still get an interesting story line having Kong Sil deal with his death, her love for him and having her face her situation after spending time with her “shelter”. She is less afraid and it’s not only because he was her “ghost-shelter” but because he was her shelter in general, so that will help her a lot in her journey. But is she ready to let him go? I don’t think the story is there yet. We didn’t get this built-up up until now.  I mean in the very end this is a rom-com right? Right?

The thing is and I’m gonna end it here that I don’t want him to die. I don’t. It’s getting harder and harder to see beloved characters die no matter how justice does that to the story. When I care, really care about my characters I just want them in the end to be ok. Details, sub-stories nothing really matters. Only for them to be ok in the end. And as I said in the beginning now I deeply realised how much I care for these characters. I want them to be ok, just ok.

God this post is so badly written that I feel like I shouldn’t even post it but I will nevertheless. I just can’t put my thoughts into words easily after the last episode. The way Kong Sil cried in the end, with no music, in this empty corridor after she had seen the ghost of the man she loves saying to her that he loves her, it  just killed me. .


(Also I find that the song Tears in Rain, which is an only-music piece, from the drama’s OST fits perfectly with the ending of episode 12.)

(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


6 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun | Ep 11&12 | Thoughts

  1. hey brightfotini!!surprise, I’m here too!!I just want to say that i’m glad that i watched half an episode of this series with you!!!The next time i will come for more!I have to say that your descriptions made even me to love the characters!keep up the good work!! 🙂


  2. This was well-written despite the circumstances :). Reads like you held up pretty well! I had to wait a few days myself coz I couldn’t just couldn’t cope. I want them to be ok too!


    1. Well maybe it would be better if I had waited a few days too.. 🙂 But all the emotions! I really hope they’re gonna be ok in the end. And now I think it’s time for Gong Sil to shine, to start standing on her two feet.. Can’t wait for the next episodes.. 🙂


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