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After finishing episode 14 I couldn’t decide if I should wait and do a final wrap-up next week with our two final episodes or do two separate posts. I’ve decided to go with choice number two just to keep it more organized and not take out anything from the big finale.

Even though I was very excited when I started this drama when it reached episode 10,11,12 I started getting a bit bored and I’m not sure if this is my fault or the drama’s fault. I tend to think that it is the second one.

But first things first a little bit about what happened in these four episodes. We got to see  exactly what happened seven years ago this time from detective Choi’s perspective, now detective Choi is dead after he was murdered, we found out who the actual mastermind behind all this is,which was a bit predictable in my opinion, Gun Woo says openly how he feels, Shi On is confused, we get  a lot of flashbacks with Shi On and Hyun Joon which only makes things more difficult for us and for those two actually and finally well Hyun Joon is not dead. Yes that’s right he is in a coma. Because of that and because of the possibility, make that a certainty, of Gun Woo also falling in a coma, I’m sorry but I can not take the writers seriously.


Unfortunately I find so many problems with this turn of the events. For me this was mainly the journey of Hyun Joon and Shi On to make peace with what happened. For Shi On to be able to accept Hyun Joon’s death, the end of their relationship and that life doedn’t stop for anyone and anything and for Hyun Joon to find closure after realising that the living must go on living and peacefully move on too. Everything else the mystery, the ghosts even at some level the presence of Gun Woo are just ways to make the story work, to help our characters do what they have to do. Maybe I am wrong but still that’s what I got from watching the previous episodes. Throwing now the possibility that Hyun Joon might be alive, and that there might be a chance for them to have their “happily aver after” just seems odd. Out of place. I’m not a sucky person that likes seeing beloved characters die in the end, I just want the story to have a consistency. And here that just doesn’t match. I don’t know which purpose of the story serves so I’m confused.

Continuing with the “bad” parts of the drama, in these four episodes we solved the mystery behind everything but because it was quite predictable I didn’t really care much. I would be less disappointed if these events were accompanied by strong emotions but they weren’t. What I said in a previous post about Gun Woo’s character and the way I wanted him to handle everything, I just didn’t get anything. Not enough desperation, not enough anger not anything. Also now that we are in Gun Woo’s character I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with Ok Taec Yeon’s acting. I don’t know, I like him when he is funny and goofy but when he needs to be more serious or sad I feel like he doesn’t succeed. Ughh I really feel like I’m a bad person saying these things but I can’t help my feelings.


But among all these they were definitely some good parts. I just read my notes about episode 12 and they reminded me why I actually despite all I still like the drama. Because of the main theme of the story. I’m just gonna put what I wrote on my notes without editing them just for the fun of it.

Slowly everyone needs to understand that they must move on. The past belongs to the past the living must live among the living.

Letting go is not the easy road but it’s the only road.

Comparison of the two relationships. With every new person you meet you get to know them, you share the same info as with the previous ones. The person might be different but the process not so much (the bonding process).

Well you don’t say, I’m a good note-taker huh? Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. I’m not as funny as I think I am. Anyway back to our point. So the theme of moving on, letting go, accepting what happened, accepting that the past is past was well played. Both our heroes eventually realised that even if they are ready or not the time to let go is getting closer and they should prepare for it.  Lastly I liked the comparison between Shi On and Hyun Joon’s relationship and Shi On and Gun Woo’s because it truly shows that no matter what, when a relationship ends eventually a new will start and all the bonding and the good times you had, you will have them again. Obviously forming a new relationship does not mean that the previous ones mean nothing or that the new one should copy them but it shows as I said that good times will come your way again.

I feel like these thoughts-posts don’t really say anything about the story itself but rather things that I’m thinking that might have something to do with the story. Ohh well..

Overall no matter all the let downs I’m still looking forward to see how everything’s gonna wrap-up next week with our final episodes.

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2 thoughts on “Who Are You | Ep 11-14 | Thoughts

  1. Whoa. I’m so behind on this drama. OTL But Hyun Joon isn’t dead? Then how is she even communicating with him? And why did the investigators keep saying he was dead? Ugh. I’m so confused. I was so excited for this drama. Definitely going to have to finish it when I get the chance.


    1. Well they did show a ghost story where a girl was in a coma but Shi On could see her so I guess it is possible for him to be alive but for his soul to wonder around.I don’t know how that’s possible but.. And I think detective Choi was trying to protect Hyun Joon because he regreted what he did? That’s my guess.. The aspect of the story “I-can-see-ghosts” is confusing for me too. It feels like all the ghosts have something to do with the mystery in some way.. I hope next week will get some answers.. Thanks for your comment!


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