The Master’s Sun | Ep 9&10 | Thoughts

Finally the time for our heroes to confront their feelings is here and I couldn’t be happier about it!

So in these two episodes we see firstly a more caring Joong Woo and then a Joong Won that desperately tries to find a way to justify having Kong Sil next to him. A ghost takes Kong Sil’s body that “pushes” Joong Won to take the next step and admit his feelings (with a grand kiss may I add!). Also Kong Sil says finally to Kang Woo that she can see ghosts. Episode 10 finds us with a Joong Won back from China with a new shining fiance and a Kong Sil trying to find a small place in his life for her. We do find out that the engagement is a fake on and finally Joong Won admits that he might love her. We also found out interesting information about the possibility that Hee Joo might be alive-even though we know that she is not, so who is this mysterious woman?

Interesting couple of episodes with our protagonists having to justify their actions and having to give in and admit their feelings. I liked that Kong Sil was honest about hers that she did like Joong Won and I also liked the fact that she tried not to admit it in front of him trying by this to make him realise a little bit how she’s being feeling all tis time.


On the other hand these episodes for me they had to do more about Joong Won and his feelings. It is so nice to see him slowly changing. He cares about Kong Sil, he is now the one trying to find excuses to be close to her , to touch her even. But on the other hand we see how this change of heart actually scares him. And it scares him a lot because of what had happened in the past. The fact that the engagement was a fake one and he didn’t use that cheap trick to avoid Kong Sil and his feelings, well, I really appreciate it. The fact that he tried to justify all his actions in order to be able to be with Kong Sil is admirable. He chose a hard, kind of weird way that eventually though led him to the make the right decision. And he told her that he loves her. Now what is she going to do??

As I said for me these episodes were mostly about Joong Woo but even so I liked watching Kong Sil actually caring more than she thought she would be about the ghosts and wanting to help them even though that might end up harming her. Also the way she handled everything , all the rumors, the not-fake-for-her engagement and the way she spoke to her old friends about her feelings towards Joong Won admitting that she has feeling for him but she is not ready to let him go was heartbreaking. It made her look clingy and wrong and even though she is not it was sad to watch her admitting those things.


Lastly I want to say that I’m quite interested to see who this other woman is, is that the person Hee Joo is trying to protect and in general what is going on really. Also my love for secretary Kim continues to grow. I just love him so so much!

Overall they were interesting character episodes and I really can’t wait for next week’s episodes to see how Kong Sil will react, how Joong Won will react acter Kong Sil’s reaction, what’s the deal with that woman, and how our couple will continue to amaze me..



(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


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