Three Favourite Drama Couples

I’ve decided to talk in this post a little bit about some of my favourite couples in dramaland. Even though I’m new and I haven’t watched so many dramas I still have some couples that have stayed with my a little more than other ones. I fully appreciate dramas that they do not mainly focus on the romance aspect of the story but on the other hand when the romance is good and solid I love it. So with no further ado let me present you three of my favourite couples.

Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Gyul | Coffee Prince


I liked the fact that they were first friends. The fact that Han Gyul had mistaken her as a boy gave space for a friendship to grow. It allowed him to open up to her in a different level. He liked her despite mistaken her as a boy. It shows that love really doesn’t care about any kind of labels. Lastly they both listened to the other person and encouraged the other person to follow their dreams. And it is always great to find people be it a friend, be it a lover that will encourage you to go after your dreams and won’t hold you back.

“I like you. Whether you’re a man or an alien, I don’t care anymore.”

Go Dok Mi and Enrique Gum | Flower Boy Next Door


I do believe that I liked these two even more because I could identify with their characters. She is the lonely girl. He is the child-like boy. She is hurt, scared but she also speaks her mind when needed. He is funny, warm but also lonelier than most people think he is. He knows that the “medicine” for Dok Mi’s “illness” is to take her out of her house and make her face her fears. She on the other hand shows him that he doesn’t need to be goofy all the time for people to like him, that it is ok not to be ok all the time. I really like the thought that you can find someone who will give you one glance and will know how you feel. That you will not need words to understand each other because he/she will know…you.

“I’m gonna drag you around and show you the world.”

Seo Yoo Kyung and Choi Hyun Wook | Pasta


My newest addition. What can I say for these two? I also want to find someone who will inspire me and give me back my long lost confidence in myself like Hyun Wook did for Yoo Kyung. I also want to find someone who will make me forget the past and make me a better, kinder person like Yoo KYung did for Hyun Wook. I liked that Yoo Kyung wasn’t afraid to say to Hyun Woo that “Yes, I like you”. It is so very difficult to take that step without really thinking if the other person likes you back. I just loved watching them evolving as people and as a couple.

“Yes, Chef.”

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5 thoughts on “Three Favourite Drama Couples

  1. Coffee Prince and FBND had great couples….But in terms of acting, the most I liked was Gong Yoo because he does it best when it comes to portray that he is head over heels in love 🙂


      1. Did somebody mention Gong Yoo??! My #1 K-love ever ;D??! I credit Coffee Prince and Gong Yoo for opening up the world of dramas to me. And I even sat through Big and One Fine Day for him. I love all your couples on this list, Dok Mi & Enrique are so cute too.


        1. Ohh Gong Yoo is definitely one of the good ones.. I haven’t seen One Fine Day,but truth is the synopsis doesn’t look appealing to me.. And even though BIG had its issues Gong Yoo’s character was so well written and he did a fantastic job so.. Each couple I found that they are unique in its own way that’s why I liked each of them.. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


          1. No please don’t watch One Fine Day. It’s bad but Gong Yoo does a good job in it, like Big I suppose. I enjoyed reading your post 😉


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