Quote of the Day

Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless. Thank You, episode 2 (picture found here xx, originally from kumaori )


The Master’s Sun | Ep 14&15 | Thoughts

Things slowly are coming to an end but not without plot twists and emotional ups and downs. I read that we only have one more episode left and it makes sense having watched the progression of episode 15, but my confession is "I'm not ready yet, I'm not ready to let go!". Ep 14 is … Continue reading The Master’s Sun | Ep 14&15 | Thoughts

Three Favourite Strong Female Characters

This is my 50th post on this blog and I was thinking I wanted to write about something a bit more special. I thought quite a bit about it and this post is what I came up with. Strong female characters. Ohh we all love those but they're not the most common thing in dramaland. … Continue reading Three Favourite Strong Female Characters

Quote of the Day

Even we don't want to become a face that scolds in someone's memory. To become a stranger, who doesn't know how to walk. A flower that is not me. Even I couldn't become a flower that time. I didn't even know how to become a silent bird. Before love arrived, because I was used to … Continue reading Quote of the Day

Who Are You | Ep 15&16 | Final Thoughts

And then we came to the end. Who are You wrapped up last week and despite all I will always remember it because it was the first drama that I've completed writing about its episodes in my blog. The last two episodes I found them to be fillers more or less. Or maybe the last … Continue reading Who Are You | Ep 15&16 | Final Thoughts

Looking Forward To Romance | Drama Special Review

Last year I read a book called Paper Towns by John Green. It is a lovely book and its main theme for me is how much do you really know someone. There is the thing, you think you know someone but in reality what you think might be completely wrong. Why? Because sometimes you believe … Continue reading Looking Forward To Romance | Drama Special Review