Who Are You | Ep 9&10 | Thoughts

I was eagerly waiting for the all the basic information to get unveiled. And in these episodes that’s exactly what happened. Shi On now knows who Hyun Joon is and more importantly what their exact relationship was, she also remembered what happened that night six years ago, she found out about the role of detective Choi and that he was the one that killed Hyun Joon and Gun Woo knows too what his sunbae did.

It is very sad to watch Shi On and Hyun Joon flashback story for two reasons. First to see how in love they were, how they matched each other, and how everything ended before they could live their lives together is just heartbreaking. Secondly after Shi On remembered she also, well, remembered how she is not over Hyun Joon yet. I mean really how can she be over him when she had no time whatsoever to deal with his death and her feelings?


Hyun Joon on the other hand god I don’t even wanna think how he is feeling right now. To know that he can’t live and can’t live with Shi On must be too hard. To know that he will eventually leave, to know that Shi On has to continue with her life and be happy must be unbearable. It is really the same as when a relationship ends. You know that you have to move but you also know that the other must move on too, without you that is. I’m beyond happy that the production chose Kim Jae Wook to portray that character because when you can’t talk everything must be shown on your face and he totally nails it. The feeling of sad happiness but still happiness, the desperation well I just can’t even.


As for Gun Woo I feel like now is the difficult time acting wise. I want to see desperation, helplessness, anger, betrayal and so much more now that he knows what detective Choi did. He was let down from the person he trusted the most and that justifies all the above feelings. I hope I’ll get what I want!

Overall as I said I was eagerly waiting for this moment because now everyone knows the basics and has to deal with them. Also quite interested to see who is behind detective Choi, because it really seems like it is someone with power. In the end maybe detective Choi was forced to do such things? It is possible not that that justifies his actions. We will see..



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