The Master’s Sun | Ep 7&8 | Thoughts

Aaaaaa.. What a great couple of episodes these were. I’m not kidding when I say that I loved them so so much. This drama gives me back my emotions. I just couldn’t stop myself. I was giggling, I was crying, I woke up early to watch as soon as possible ep8. Seriously..

So in episode 7 we have a very dark and sad ghost story with the ghost kids and an abused by his mother child. Kong Sil and our lovely Ceo had some amazing moments together and confessions-kind of- take place. Episode 8 has a nice change in the ghost story using it not only a simple filler but also as a reminder for Kong Sil. Joon Won finds out about the connection between his father and Kang Woo. Finally Hee Joo shows up again but she is as not cooperative as they thought she would be.

I just can’t even. The relationship between Kong Sil and Joon Won moves forward in the most rewarding way. He is finally starting to open up to her, to care about her, to see her not just as a “radar” and to seek her for the first time in order for her to protect him. It is so good to watch him maturing and opening up and stepping out of his comfort zone. It shows that he doesn’t have a heart out of stone and that he is able to feel and be sympathetic about things.


On the other hand Kong Sil is reminded that her “deal” with Joon Won can’t go on forever and that she would eventually have to get used to living without him as her secret shelter. It is so very interesting to see her and her “connection” with the ghosts evolving but it so much more interesting to see her evolving as a person and realising that she has to face her fears and stand on her own two feet in order to survive all.


I liked the way they used the ghost stories in these episodes. The first one with the kids was plain heartbreaking and apart from the fact that it showed how cruel people can be and that you never know what happens behind closed doors it also gave the characters space to evolve. The second one with the woman who was living in a dream parallels the woman’s story and Kong Sil’s story and it makes her realise her situation and what she should do from this point on.

It is interesting to see the kind of opposite routes our main protagonists’ stories take. We slowly see how in the beginning Kong Sil was the one needing protection and desperately holding on tho Joon Won and how Joon Won fron wanting nothing to do with Kong Sil now caring about her and needing her protection.

Both our heroes have come a long way but they still need to face a lot more in order to be able not only to be together, well that’s just the nice touch, but to be able to face their past and most importantly to face their fears.

I feel like both these characters are so well written and I’m happy to say that I care so much for them and I wish they’ll be able to face whatever they need to face and finally them also, like the ghosts, find closure.



(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


2 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun | Ep 7&8 | Thoughts

  1. love of my life, please write a novel or something!!I just love the way you write and describe each situation!I don’t know anything about this series, although i ‘m reading this post and i could keep reading this even if it was some pages long!!


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