This past months I have to admit that I have’t been enjoying my dramas as much as I wish I would. I don’t know what the reason is. I have watched some great dramas but at the same time I have been dragging dramas for the longest time.

When I started watching dramas I only watched completed ones and always one drama at the time. But then after some time I started following currently airing dramas and I liked it. I had more choices at a time, if on drama bored me I could watch something else and then come back to the previous one, I felt more connected with the fandom because lots of people were watching the same thing at the same time, you know all these good things. But lately something changed. I felt that the dramas I was watching just missed that spark that made me fall in love with them in the first place. And the thing is that I do believe that it wasn’t the dramas fault. I’m talking here for good dramas like The Princess’ Man, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry and Padam Padam. Good dramas see? But for some reason I just didn’t feel like watching them. And I felt bad because I did enjoy all the episodes I had watched from them. But still something was missing. And on top of that there were so many new dramas that I did want to pick up and watch while they were airing and all that stuff just overwhelmed me. Because I just felt bad, I was thinking I should finish the ones that I have already started and then move to other ones.

And now everyone who’s reading this is just thinking “What’s wrong with her? Can’t she just drop the dramas and start something that she actually will enjoy more?” Well I understand such thoughts, I do. But still I felt bad. I had started to loose hope that dramas will make me feel good and give me all the emotions that the very first ones were giving me. That being said there were dramas that I highly enjoyed,some of them being in favourite list, and even inspired me to start my own blog but still..

But in the end I finally came to realise that watching dramas should be a pleasure and not a task. So in that new light I put on hold-well I said they were good dramas, didn’t I? I couldn’t possible drop them!- some of the dramas and decided to start two new ones that I wanted to start for a long time, Pasta and Fermentation Family (or Kimchi Family as I like to call it!). It’s all about the food baby ha, but really they are more than that,I hope so.

So in conclusion I’ll be watching 6 dramas, 4 of them currently airing (Who are You, Master’s Sun, Two Weeks, Golden Empire-even though I’m kind of behind on this one) and the 2 already finished (Pasta, Kimchi Family). Expect thoughts on these ones. Because I like them!

All in all the only thing I have to say is that dramas should be a fun and an enjoyable experience not something you should be doing just to do it. Fighting!!

(picture found here xx and I’m bot sure if this is the original one or not, I tried a lot to see where it all begun but I couldn’t figure out-sorry)


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