Two Weeks | Ep 3-6 | Thoughts

This is truly an one man show! Lee Jun Ki really deserves so many props for delivering such a performance.

In these late episodes so many things happen. Our protagonist delivers babies, he “take hostages”, escapes being captured many times, he is accused of killing his best friend, he almost dies and on top of that he is an emotional train wreck thinking what will happen if he actually dies. Apart from him everyone else is just crazy. They want to capture him, the want to find that freaking camera,  they’re trying to find ways to hide their wrongs, they have instincts but they don’t follow them, they get blinded by emotions when they shouldn’t, they misunderstand, things get revealed and everyone is -guess what- an emotional train wreck. Ohh and there is a killer out there who is creepy as hell. And now almost everyone knows the connection between Jang Tae San and our little Soo Jin which is scary to say the least.

It’s interesting to see what people’s emotions are when everything is on the line. What to you do when the person you love most in this world is in a condition so bad and things get even worse? How was In Hye suppose to react when she found out that Tea San was on the run and even worse when he supposedly died? How will she face her daughter when she knew that these might be the last days her daughter was alive and she couldn’t even do anything? When in episode 6 she was talking to the doctor saying what would she do it was heartbreaking. The way she couldn’t talk because of the tears was so realistic. She has been through so much and it is understandable to be so angry giving the fact that she doesn’t know the whole truth. And it is so true to see how a person when in desperate helplessness would kind of forget any hard feelings, any anger any anything really. The way she called Tea San oppa, I think in episode 5, was heartbreaking. To call someone oppa means a lever of intimacy, so the fact that she used that particular word says a lot about her state of mind. (It is quite interesting to read the Dramabeans post about the word oppa and what it represents, read it here xx).


The other interesting part is how your personal emotions can misguide you, can make you think unclear, how they will make you make assumptions and jump at conclusions with a foggy mind. Soo Young is doing exactly that. The minute suspicions started to arise about Tea San and In Hye’s relationship he is determined to prove what a vicious, murderous person Tea San is and makes it a personal issue to catch him. But even though he has his suspicions that Tea San might be the donator and even though the situation is so fragile he still doesn’t make the right moves. And that has serious consequences. Our prosecutor kind of also falls in that category. Although in her situation I found it a nice move to put Han Jeong Woo to make her think about how people think with their hearts and that is what determines their actions. That is what ultimately makes her realise that Tea San might not be the murderer after all.


Apart from all the awesomeness I do have a kind of oh-oh disagreement. There were quite a few coincidences and even though I understand that they make the story move forward and they do bring some light into the past I do believe we could do a little bit without so many of them. Also I understand that Tae San is on the run and to make things more interesting and make him evolve as a character we need to have him deal with different and unpredictable situations (see pregnant woman) but still we could just lower the “unpredictable” aspect of these situations.

Overall I enjoyed quite a lot the last episodes and I highly appreciate all the character evolving and having them to deal with all these complex emotions and situations.


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