Petty Romance | Movie Review

I discovered asian dramas through asian movies. I now have watched quite a few, most of them being lighthearted romantic comedies. I thought that it would be a good idea to recommend one of my favourites in this post.

Petty Romance (2010,Korea)

This is the first movie I watched, this is the reason for it all.. The story revolves around Jung Bae an adult comic book artist who is looking a writer in order to win a competition.  Da Rim is the writer who he hires. She previously worked as a (clueless) sex columnist in a magazine but gets fired. And then the hilarity begins.

It is such a funny funny story. It has the good kind of funny. The one that catches you of guard and reminds you that not all comedies try to be funny using cheap lines. The chemistry between the main couple is amazing and really is a pleasure to watch.


There is this openness about sex in a quirky, funny way which I love. The protagonists balance each other, “teaching” each other how to be more loose, how to be more mature. Both characters must eventually make piece with their past but it is all part of the deal.  The ending might be predictable but still you want your happy ending and it is such a sweet happy ending.

Overall we have a great comedy, fast dialogues and cute moments. I mean what more can you ask for?

Favourite scenes:

– The kiss in the rain, because not only is  sooo romantic but also because I discovered the movie through this scene.

– The bathroom scene with Da Rim and her brother.

– Well practically every scene with our main couple, because well..

(Watch the trailer with eng subs here xx )



3 thoughts on “Petty Romance | Movie Review

  1. hey thanks for the review….it sounds cute!!
    will make sure to check it out and I like Lee Sun Gyun 🙂
    I also started drama journey with the movies first but now I watch mostly dramas (make it only… ;))


    1. Thanks for your comment! It is seriously such a funny movie. I don’t want to even think what would have happened if I didn’t like this movie back then..And I can understand you totally, nowadays I mostly watch dramas, I don’t know I feel like in the movies everything happens so fast.. haha.. I really like your blog also.. 🙂


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