The Master’s Sun | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

I really like the progress of this drama. I’m always looking forward to seeing what’s gonna happen next. So in episode 5 our heroine is faced with a somewhat different ghost story- they want to marry her off with a dead guy. Yep. But they overcome this and I have to say that it was a sad little ghost story. Kang Woo expressed his -not true- feelings to Kong Sil saying that he will find the courage to start to know her and that she should be strong too. Episode 6 finds us with a kind of jealous Joong Won, a very very sad ghost story of a dog and a soldier, and our heroine forced to make decisions that she previously thought were easy. Lastly, and the creepiest thing so far for me, one of the little kids in Kong Sil’s block of apartments can also see ghosts.


They were very interesting episodes these two not only for the progression we have with our main couple but also with the new turns our ghosts stories take or could potentially take. First we see that our ghosts can have a more active role with the living. Secondly it was said that some ghosts might try to come back in a way. And that is the scary part of the deal. The ghosts so far were generally harmless and only cared about their business but ghosts who will try to come back? Well that’s a different story. I really like all these twists that the ghost stories take, it keeps them interesting and gives them a good reason of existence.

Now about the relationship of Joon Won and Kong SIl. It still is my favourite part of the story. Joon Won slowly starts to have a change of heart, he is obviously jealous, he starts caring about these ghosts that are such a big part of Kong Sil’s life, he finally opens up to her. Only when someone entrust someone else with something about themselves we can say that they are getting closer to each other.It is a nice and so wanted change to see him valuable and him wanting a safety net instead of Kong Sil. It gives me such a pleasure to watch him and his journey. (I’m not mentioning that he goes for a kiss at the end of ep 6, I’m not!!)


Kong Sil on the other hand has her own “demons” to confront. All her life she thought she didn’t want to see these ghosts, she felt she was kind of forced to help them, she was afraid. But in ep 6 we can see a change in her beliefs. It is not an easy decision to make not to help someone in need even if they are dead and no one really cares about them. She has a big heart, it is very “human” of her not to take the helping hand Joong Won offers her and go and face her fears. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to do so and I really want her to accept her situation  and make piece with the turn her life has taken. That being said I do, with all of my heart, her to be able to live, and live happily again. I really do.

As for our supportive characters, Kang Woo is forced to come closer to Kong Sil but he realises that what he does is not a fair thing to do. He will fall for her and he will get hurt but still I’m interested to see his back story. As for Yi Ryeong I really don’t like her, and I really don’t care about her, and I really believe that the story could do without her.

Lastly about the little kid who can also see ghosts. I have to say this is the first time I was really afraid with this ghost-thing-story. If he can also see ghosts is he in danger? Because it seemed like he was. He is a precious little thing and I don’t want any little kid be in any kind of danger.

Overall I’m loving it. I really do.. 🙂



(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


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