Who are You | Ep 7&8 | Thoughts

It just gets better and better. I could just leave it here and it really would be enough. Episode 7 just flew by, and episode 8 was just heartbreaking.

So in these two episodes things star to unravel. Shi On now knows who Hyun Joon is but she still doesn’t remember their connection. The story with Detective Choi gets more and more mysterious and I’m almost convinced that he did something really really bad and as for Gun Woo he continues to be our protective hero who as we can see isn’t afraid to take initiative- yes! I am talking about the kiss.

I think we are safe to say that the individual ghost stories are behind us and we now focus mainly on Hyun Joon “ghost story”. Definitely the story moves forward we get some information, we see the real face of some of our characters. We also get some flashbacks of Shi On and Hyun Joon’s past which makes everything that much more sad.


I’m interested in the mystery aspect of the story but truth is I’m much more interested in seeing how our heroes will handle everything, when everything is out on the table. What will happen when Shi On remembers who really Hyun Joon is? How will Gun Woo accept the fact that  his teacher, his father-like figure, detective Choi, is not as noble as he thought he was? And will Hyun Joon be able to move on?

The whole point of this story for me is how you let go. How you move on when everything comes to an end. Be it a friendship, or a relationship. When you see the other person moving on what do you do if you’re not ready to do the same thing. It is heartbreaking to see someone you love continuing with their life and you are not a part of their life anymore. All these here are represented by Hyun Joon and I know that he will have to face these things. Him being among the living is just a different way to express the fact that you don’t want to move on even of you have to. Even if you are ready or not.


Overall great episodes, the story gets more and more demanding for the actors to express all the emotions and again I can’t wait for next weeks’s episodes.


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