The Master’s Sun | Ep 3&4 | Thoughts

I’m happy to announce that I enjoyed these two episodes much more than the previous two! Episode 3 starts with Joong Won cursing at his old girlfriend but Kong Sil doesn’t believe him choosing instead to say that she understands how hurt he must be feeling. We have another ghost story but we also get an interesting reaction from Joong Won who for the first time actually helps Kong Sil with her “ghost-mission”. The end of the episode finds us with a drunk Kong Sil being possessed by the spirit of Joong won’s ex-girlfriend. That’s a big surprise actually. Starting off with episode 4 we learn that when in the verge of collapsing or in deep sleep Kong Sil can be possessed by the spirits. We see a hilarious montage of her being possessed by various spirits. We also get to a “confession” to Joong Won by his ex-girlfriend. Joong Won has an idea of how to use Song Sil’s “power” and in exchange he will allow her to touch him. This episode’s ghost story is a different and definitely a more interesting one as we see how a ghost can actually manipulate in a way the living.

I just enjoyed these two episodes and especially episode 4 a whole lot more. The story progressed, we had interesting new ghost “elements”, we get to know- finally- more about our heroine and also our male protagonist, we had funny,cute,touchy moments between our main couple.


What I liked more was definitely the back story of Song Sil because now I can finally understand her a whole more. She used to be a bright sun. She was beautiful, sociable, smart, full of energy. But after everything that happened and continues to happen we can see how lonely, scared and afraid of the outside world she is.

I also liked the progression we have with Joong Won. We now know why he can’t read and the fact that his cold-armor slowly starts to melt is a step forward for our story.

I liked this new turn with the ghost stories. I think it allows much more things to happen, and I think they’re gonna be more complex and interesting.

But what I enjoyed most was the interactions we had with our main couple. It’s just such a pleasure to watch these two actors portraying their characters so beautifully. Every moment with them together on the screen was an absolute delight. Their story, their moments, their romance is what I’m most excited about. There is no reason to mention that I was squeezing from happiness like a 14-year-old fan girl (no offence to those, I’m kind of jealous of you!) at the last scene of episode 4. Even though I knew that that was gonna happen. It was predictable and I don’t care.

Overall I much enjoyed these episodes and I can’t wait now for the episodes next week. The preview looks so good!!


(pictures credit; Dramabeans)


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