Who are You | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

This drama is just getting better and better. Episode 5 deals with the story of Cha Gun Woo’s father. We learn a little bit about Gun Woo’s back-story and it is an emotional one. We follow his father’s spirit on his last “request” for his son. And episode 5 hides a small surprise. The spirit of Lee Hyun Joon appears and our detective Yang Shi Oh is not the only one who can see him. Moving to episode 6 the police goes to a gathering on the countryside where unfortunately Yang Shi Oh gets attacked but luckily she succeeds in escaping. Meanwhile Lee Hyun Joon,or better his spirit, goes around trying to find clues on what happened, unsuccessfully tries to save Shi Oh and giving her the first clue in order for her to remember who he is. Lastly Shi Oh is slowly starting remembering fragments of the day of her attack and Hyun Joons death.

What a great pair of episodes. They had action, they had cute moments, they had emotions and the story is starting to move forward.

I think it was necessary to have Cha Gun Woo’s father story for two reasons. First to show us a lit bit about his past, to show us that he is more than just a good,goofy-like man. And the second reason serves as a helping wheel for our story. They needed to make Gun Woo to believe that Shi Oh can actually see ghosts. They can now, together, go ahead and solve everything that there is to solve. I really liked how this story was executed, it was very sweet, and yes I might have teared up a little, and Ok Taec Yeon performance was really moving.

As for the re- appearance of Hyun Joon I can only be happy. Kim Jae Wook is an amazing actor and here once more he proves himself. He didn’t need a single word to show the emotions his character had. Especially the look of desperation on his eyes when he tried to save Shi Oh screamed good acting. I’m really curious to see how his story will unfold.

Two questions that I really want to know the answers. Why Jang Hee Bin can also see Hyun Joon? And also why detective Choi hid that watch? I really thought he was a good guy. I really hope he is a good guy.

Overall great episodes, great built up now that Shi Oh starts to remember things and starts to realising some things so I really can’t wait for the next episodes.



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