Who are You | Ep 1-4 | First Impressions

Am I late on doing a “first impressions” on this drama? Ohh well.. So Who are You is a new drama on the cable network tvN and it is the second ghost related drama that is currently airing. The story is about a young policewoman who after an accident(more like a killing attempt) is put in a coma. Six years pass and she wakes up having lost her memory. She has lost memories that have to do not only with the day of her attempted murder but also all the memories that surrounds -probably- her case that she and her boyfriend,also a police officer who died that day, were working on. She now tries to get back on her feet and she chooses to work at the Lost-and-Found department of the police. The interesting and main part of the story is that she can now see ghosts. These ghosts don’t speak (at least so far) and they want her help. And kind of like this the story unfolds.


My thoughts so far are:

The Pros  

– Definitely an interesting back story of what happened and why. Really excited to see how things will unfold.

– Interesting ghost stories, especially the first ghost story is not for the light-hearted. The interesting part of the stories is that the ghosts can’t actually speak and they can only “guide” our heroine to the answers.

– Nice acting. I only have seen So Yi Hyun ,who plays Yang Shi On, in Heartstrings but her role wasn’t big enough for me to get a better idea of her acting. But here so far so good. As for our guys Ok Taec Yeon, who plays Cha Gun Woo, is pretty good I think so far.  And as for Kim Jae Wook as Lee Hyun Joon I can’t say anything because his screen time was minimum to non-existent so far but I know that he is gonna be more than great because he always is. I mean really.

– I like the moments between our main couple (the main couple that includes only living,breathing people).

fullsizephoto331460 (1)

The Cons

– None so far. Except if you count that Kim Jae Wook hadn’t almost any screen time. But he will. He will. Because he is a great actor. And not to mention ridiculously good-looking. Just saying..

Overall I enjoyed all four episodes and I’m eagerly waiting for the next ones..

fullsizephoto331460 (1) - Αντίγραφο


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