Two Weeks | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

Oh My God! Ok I had to get that out of my system. Now I’m good. Ok where do I start? Ok ok I know. So Lee Jun Ki, from the really good Arang and the Magistrate, is back with a new drama called Two Weeks. The story revolves around Jang Tae San (Lee Junk Ki) a kind of careless, care-free man who discovers that he has a daughter. Unfortunately his daughter is really sick and needs a bone marrow donator in order to live. Luckily Jang Tae San is compatible and he can be the donator. But he is framed as the murderer of a young woman. In a car accident he succeeds in escaping and now he is faced with the difficult task to save his daughter and clean his name. He has two weeks. Every episode from now on, my guess is, that is gonna be a day in his journey.


My thoughts so far are:

The Pros

– I liked the fact that in two episodes we have all the basic back story we need to continue. Although it seems that there are still a lot of things that we will find out I’m happy that we know were we are standing.

– The acting is very solid so far and the portrayal of Jang Tae San by Lee Sung Ki is so good. It’s like he is Jang Tae San.

– I am very interesting to see what the back story of Park Jae Kyung and also Jo Seo Hee is. It definitely seems that there is a meaty story there.


– Liked the music. I have on repeat the ending song.

– I really want to see how the relationship of Jang Tae San and his daughter will unfold in the end given that he is able to save her. Please tell me that he will save her!! Ohh and by the way kids are smart. Just saying.

The Cons 

– Well I guess that there were some coincidences but I guess they were inevitable to get the story moving?

Overall I am way too excited now about this drama. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a great drama. But shhh let’s try not to spoil anything..And I checked and the next episode is on Wednesday, that means Thursday. Aaa I can’t wait.



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