The Master’s Sun | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

This week The Master’s Sun started airing. It is the new drama by the Hong Sisters who have also written popular dramas such as You’re Beautiful, Big, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and My Girl. From their work I have only watched You’re Beautiful which is actually my first k-drama ever and Big. My thoughts so far about their work are good. You’re Beautiful has a special place in my heart being my first k-drama and all and it was quite enjoyable. Unrealistic but still heartwarming and funny. As for Big well I know that most people didn’t like it,especially because of its ending, but I only cared about Kang Kyung Joon’s character portrayed by the amazing Gong Yoo. His character was one of the most well-written characters I’ve come across so far in dramaland. So my so far experience said “Generally you enjoyed their last dramas and The Master’s Sun story seems very interesting so give it a shot. ” So I did..

The story revolves around a woman who after an accident can now see ghosts and a man who is rich and cold but has a dark past. The interesting part is that when she touches him the ghosts suddenly disappear.


My so far thoughts are:

The Pros  

– Great acting especially from the main couple played by Gong Hyon Jin as Tae Kong Sil and So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won who were exceptional.

– Intrigued to see what the story with our our second male lead Kang Woo played by Seo In Guk is . Although I’ve already have made my guesses.

– Lots of chemistry and cute and funny moments from our couple.


– A small plot twist- at least I didn’t expect it- at the end of episode 2.

The Cons

– Kind of predictable ghost stories(but still enjoyable)


– The music kind of sounds off to me but maybe as the drama progresses it gets better.

– I want more solid information about our main characters. I felt liked we just got thrown into the action,with our couple meeting in the first half hour and the ghost stories, that I don’t quite know their main characteristics. Especially our main heroine I feel like apart from the fact that see can see ghosts and that she is sweet I know nothing more about her character. And yes I know that that comes as the drama progresses but still I wanted something more.

Overall though I enjoyed the first 2 episodes and after I finished the first one the next day I was most excited for the second episode of this drama. Probably it will be a “light”, funny, romantic kind of drama and truth is I think I’m gonna enjoy it for exactly those reasons. So I’m definitely waiting for the next episodes.

(Ohh and I want to have a girly moment and say how beautiful So Ji Sub is? I mean really..His eyes are so so beautiful. Ok I’m stopping now!)


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