Monstar | Review & Thoughts

Monstar ended last week and it took me by surprise because I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. A week has passed and that is the final conclusion that I came up with. For me it wasn’t so much the different stories of the drama but the overall feeling of it.

But let’s not get ahead ourselves and let’s start from the beginning. The story revolves around a group of high school students with not a lot of things in common, each one of them having their story and their history to carry. We have the transfer student, the idol, the outcast, the perfect guy, the tough one, the silent/angry girl and the bubbly kind one. Stereotypes but as in real life people are layers and layers of stories, happy moments and tears. These characters are realistic. They could be your next door neighbour, your best friend, that silent women sitting next to you in the train. It could as well be you.

532489_502464489845682_1433943901_nThese people are “thrown” together and the journey begins. And it is a journey mostly, for me, narrated by its music. Each song that was used it was used for a reason. Every song had something to add to the story. They expressed, when performed-which was done excellently, all the emotions that our characters couldn’t or didn’t want to express.

Each character had their demons to confront. They were seeking forgiveness, they wanted to forgive. They were looking for friendship, they were looking for love.


In the end of course they find friendship and love. Each one of these characters, so different at the beginning but quite alike in the end came together and in the process they matured and understood that there is more to a person than what they thought.


But as I said for me it wasn’t so much about the stories but the overall feeling. I’m now 23 well after my teen years but after watching Monstar I felt nostalgic. Nostalgic for when I was a teen too. I forget sometimes what it is to be 16-17. Ohh the feelings!! I forget because I’m more realistic now, I think with my mind so much more. Having a fight with my best friend could crush me back then. Having the boy I liked not liking me back was a perfectly well reason for me to cry my eyes out. Feeling lost, lonely, feeling that this world is so much bigger than you and that things aren’t gonna get better well I’m not sure if that goes away actually. My point is that through these characters I remembered what it was like to be a teen. You over-analyze, you become a drama queen, you hurt-a lot. When you shouldn’t. You really shouldn’t. When Seol Chan said to Se Yi in the last episode that “We are too young to hurt so much” he knew what he was saying. For me it wasn’t so much about hurting because of everything that had happened to them but because they are young and when you are young everything hurts more even when it shouldn’t. But you still hurt even if you don’t need to.

These are my thoughts mostly and not-so-much-of-a-review really about the korean drama Monstar. I highly recommend it and I highly recommend not to get put off by comments about an open-ending and not finding out what exactly happened. For me it wasn’t really an open ending because for example it was never about winning the music battle it was more about healing through music. We can guess what will happen to our characters. They will just go on with their lives. As everyone else does.


I’m gonna leave you with the last words of the drama..

Love came into our lives and it became a nostalgia. Even though we were shaken by the power of time people haven’t forgotten that deep within us love lives in hiding tenaciously. Whether we were children, whether we were adolescents, whether we were adults. The name of that which pierced through the deepest part of the existence was love.


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