The Master’s Sun | Ep 7&8 | Thoughts

Aaaaaa.. What a great couple of episodes these were. I'm not kidding when I say that I loved them so so much. This drama gives me back my emotions. I just couldn't stop myself. I was giggling, I was crying, I woke up early to watch as soon as possible ep8. Seriously.. So in episode … Continue reading The Master’s Sun | Ep 7&8 | Thoughts


Quote of the Day

She said it was like a Midsummer Night's Dream. She had a dream that made her be in awe and feel dizzy. It felt thrilling and happy and it apparently hurt her, too. Because what she saw here was so nice. It was such a good dream, I guess I'll have to wake up now. … Continue reading Quote of the Day

Who Are You | Ep 9&10 | Thoughts

I was eagerly waiting for the all the basic information to get unveiled. And in these episodes that's exactly what happened. Shi On now knows who Hyun Joon is and more importantly what their exact relationship was, she also remembered what happened that night six years ago, she found out about the role of detective … Continue reading Who Are You | Ep 9&10 | Thoughts


This past months I have to admit that I have't been enjoying my dramas as much as I wish I would. I don't know what the reason is. I have watched some great dramas but at the same time I have been dragging dramas for the longest time. When I started watching dramas I only … Continue reading Re-evaluating

Two Weeks | Ep 3-6 | Thoughts

This is truly an one man show! Lee Jun Ki really deserves so many props for delivering such a performance. In these late episodes so many things happen. Our protagonist delivers babies, he "take hostages", escapes being captured many times, he is accused of killing his best friend, he almost dies and on top of … Continue reading Two Weeks | Ep 3-6 | Thoughts

Quote of the Day

Why do people spin endlessly on and on?... Is all our spinning just for the sake of finding that certain someone? Or is the thing we're always searching for is actually ourselves? ...Revolving. Revolving. How foolish! And how humble we are. What do we really need? What exactly is it? In Time with You   (picture found here xx, … Continue reading Quote of the Day